Brakes & Air Conditioning!

It is important to keep your brakes in good working order…your family’s life Depends on it!

Routine brake repair is relatively inexpensive.
But let it go too long without being checked and it
could be a safety issue as well as an additional
repair cost because of major components being damaged. Brake pads are designed to wear out
as you stop your vehicle, without
damaging other parts.

We will check your brakes and diagnose the needed repairs. We will inspect the brake pads and/or shoes, calipers, rotors, hoses, lines, master cylinder, brake
fluid and more.

Let Hillsboro Tire Inspect your brake system!

Air Conditioning
Service & Repairs

Living in Florida is a pleasure but let’s face it, without
air conditioning it can be miserable. Keeping your air conditioning functioning properly is important.
From checking the belts, insuring the proper freon
levels or to performing a major air conditioning
repair, we can do it all.

Let Hillsboro Tire provide
a safety inspection today!

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