Top Choice Tires At The Lowest Price!

Although tires can enhance the look of your car or truck, the major function of a tire is to provide a safe and comfortable ride for your vehicle.
The proper size tire and the proper type of tread for
your individual use are important.

We offer automobile tires, truck tires SUV tires, crossover tires and trailer tires.

We offer Major brand Tires such as:

...and many others.

Did you know that major tire manufacturers
make off-brand tires that are quality tires
at a reduced price?

Ask us to provide you with your tire purchase options.

We also provide the following tire related services:

Wheel Alignment
Tire pressure check
Tire repairs
Wheel balancing
Used Tires

Suspension & Front End

Many times tires are worn because of other problems with the vehicle. Hillsboro Tire will do a thorough inspection of your suspension including front end alignment, power steering, shocks, struts, tie rods, ball joints, rack and pinion, cv joints
and cv axles.

Let Hillsboro Tire
check your suspension today!

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